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19th Anniversary

Oztan Engineering Company was found in Izmir in 1993. The company has provided serviceto South Aegean region since 1995 when the headquarters moved to Mugla. Main expertiseareas of the company are heating-cooling systems and installation of swimming pools.In 2010 as Oztan Engineering, we have undergone a restructuring process in order to offerrenewable energy systems, equipped with technological innovations, in the most economicalway.

After two years of investigation and working, we started to release the heat pompsystems, high quality and highly efficient heating systems, to the market by importing themwithout any intermediary. Besides, we have run successful projects about installation ofswimming pools, supply of chemicals for the pools, and installation of spas, steam bathsand hot tubs (jacuzzis). We offer all renewable energy resources with smart and practicalsolutions. Our working principle is not only to meet the demands and needs of our clientsbut to launch eco-friendly projects by following the high technology. Our products whichare under the guarantee of Oztan Engineering have been put up on the market by carefullybalancing the three core components: high efficiency, high quality and charm prices. AsOztan Engineering Company, we are glad to offer our warranted products to your utilizationin our 19th anniversary.